Thursday, October 15, 2015

Most Memorable Saturday

“If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

I wanted to go to the On The Wings Of Love (OTWOL) Scrapbook launch (September 19, 2015) but I didn’t know how to go there. I am not really that familiar with Quezon City specifically Fairview Terraces. I did some research on how to go there but still a little hesitant since I am not really familiar. Safety is another thing that I have to consider as I will surely go home late on that day.

So I asked my two close friends if they know the place and luckily one of them used to live in Fairview for some years. I believe I am lucky. They agreed to accompany me on one condition; I have to treat them for lunch. So I immediately said yes. “Thank God for real friends.”

I was very excited when I woke up that day. Who will not be excited?? We left Los Baños, Laguna around 10:30AM and had a free ride up to Aurora Blvd. The journey was not easy, not one of us thought of that I think. Some “adventures” we encountered were first a container van stalled near Turbina so we had to reroute and took Star Toll Exit (Sto.Tomas Batangas). The line was very long (really long) and it took us around an hour to pass through the exit. Another “adventure” was the highway patrol group near E. Rodriguez Extension, our pilot was so scared that he took the ramp so instead of going to the Taft Avenue we took Aurora Boulevard. It was a free ride so we did not complain. It was few minutes before 1PM when we arrived in Aurora Boulevard and there were literally few people whom we could ask for directions so we just walked and walked. We took the MRT from Taft Avenue station until Kamuning Station.

While inside the train, many things entered my mind that maybe these were signs that we should not go to the event. I asked my friends if its okay with them that we eat our lunch at Terraces and they agreed. I was shy at that time also because I was the one asking for a favor and I even let them starve or skip their lunch. For me, this was a big favor since instead of them resting and enjoying their weekends, here we are trying to beat the heat inside the MRT. They did not complain, I do not know why but I am very thankful to friends like them.

Upon arriving at the Kamuning Station, we took a taxi to Fairview Terraces. The journey was very silent that was because maybe they were or we were hungry. It was around past 2PM when we arrived at the place and the central garden was full of people already. When we went to the National Bookstore to buy the scrapbook, it was already out-of-stock. Imagine my disappointment knowing this. I won’t be able to meet and greet the stars of OTWOL and I won’t even have the scrapbook. So then one of my friends told me, it’s okay we will just enjoy the “view” from somewhere. That idea lifted my mood. So we took our lunch at Jollibee. I am really thankful to these people as I was able to save because we had late lunch at Jollibee and they never complained on how tired they are already like me. :) 

The Gang composed of Lance, Jeff and me (Right to Left)

The stage at the Central Garden of Ayala Fairview Terraces.

We went around the place after eating and went back to the Central Garden for the event. The place was really full of people and I never thought that it was that many. It was really crowded.

That was me and my forehead.

I am not a tall person so I cannot see the stage. So I decided to look around and find a place where I could see the lead actors of OTWOL. Walking here and there, I stopped near the door where people started to line up from the door to the stage. So I did the same. A group of girls were in front of me and I could still see the way (I assumed and wished that this will be where the lead actors will pass).

A few minutes of standing I heard people screaming and then we saw them. The lead actors of OTWOL. Horray! They walked right in front of the place where we are standing. They look dashing even when they are just walking. I was shocked to the point that I am also screaming. I never imagine that I would feel that excited and happy for something like that. The feelings and emotions were new to me. Honestly speaking, I always thought that people who scream at events like that were crazy. But then during that time, I am proud to say and admit that I am crazy, really crazy. When people started to move around I went back to my friends. They were also very excited and when I told them m what happened they got more excited. 

So we waited for their performance. Leah Olivar – Medina (Nadine Lustre in real life) performed first and then the crowd started to get more excited to the point that many are shouting. 

The gorgeous Leah Olivar-Medina (Nadine Lustre)

Then Clark Medina (James Reid in real life) performed next and people started to scream loudly and I am proud to say that I am one of them. Some were even jumping. I am quite shocked to see their reactions. 

The handsome Clark Medina (James Reid)

When they did a duet of the song On The Wings Of Love, everyone were screaming. I and my friends could not talk clearly as we hear people screaming. Yes I admit they really look good together (really good together. You could feel the “sparks” between them. The crowd is really uncontrollable. 

The Medina Couple (Hubby and Wifey)

From time to time, my two friends would shout at me to ask if I am still okay and if I am enjoying the event. I am okay even if its really crowded. I am okay even if its hot in the area. I am okay even if the girl in front of me is stepping on my shoes. I am okay even if I could not see them clearly. On that point I realized that if you really want something that bad, you will really endure everything just to have it. I could not see the lead actors as people were raising their phones, tablets and cameras just to get a picture of them. So my friends had a really bright idea. When the stars will face our direction, one of my friends would carry me so that I could see them. I was really desperate so I immediately said yes. I cannot have a meet and greet and I do not have a copy of the scrapbook so definitely I should find a way to see them and do everything just to get a glimpse of them. After all the things that happened, I should just enjoy this event. Another advantage of having tall and good friends is that they will go with all your craziness. They raised me every time the actors would face our direction. And during that time I am even waving though I do not know if the stars were really looking at us. Its that point of the day when I thought “Oh did I just did that”. A smile was already plastered on my face after seeing them even from a far.

After their performance it was the meet and greet so we decided to leave the crowd. A mother and her daughter were standing few steps away from our back and the kid looked pale. When she fainted, my two hero friends carried her to the nearest bench. Sadly though there was an emergency booth but no one is around to accommodate us. When the kid looked okay, we then decided to leave. Before we went back inside the mall, I told my two good friends that “I am very lucky to have you guys here with me today. Not only do I have friends but I also have bouncers and guards too.” They just say it’s okay as they also enjoyed the event. We looked really horrible when we entered the mall. But we don’t care, no one in the area knew who we are. 

When we fixed ourselves we had snacks at Mary Grace. It was one of their favorite café so I cannot say no. The ensaymada was delicious but for me it was a little sweet. I still cannot contain my happiness and excitement so I called my sister at home and told her how awesome the experience was. I cannot scream inside the café so I tried to scream silently. 

The Gang

I may not be able to have a meet and greet with them and may not have a copy of the scrapbook but the experience of going to the event is enough. I saw them even just from a far. Soon I still hope to see them closer.

Team Hubby and Wifey during the meet and greet

It was around 5PM when we decided to go home but before we left, we went to SM and Robinsons. Since these malls were near each other. Even on the bus on our way home, we cannot stop talking how awesome are the lead actors of the show. Leah looks really beautiful and simply gorgeous. Clark is really handsome and hot. They are really talented since they could act, dance and sing well. The blending of their voice is also good. That and many other things. My two friends were also surprised that this was the first time that I did such thing like this.

Yes, it was really my first time to do such thing like that. My first time to go to a book launch/fan’s day like this. I have never been an avid and super fan of any love team or TV show like I am towards OTWOL and JaDine. The feeling and emotion were new and unique to me. They laughed about it and they even made a joke while we were in the bus that they could not believe that I will do these things considering my profession and educational background. I myself also could not believe that I will be able to do these things at my age.

So maybe that’s how things work. You do things just for the fun of experiencing it. You do things you have not done before. You test yourself just how far you could go. Maybe sometimes you have to go beyond what is normal, usual and what is expected of you. You just have to be brave, responsible and have the courage to do it. Do not be afraid to try things. Always have time to experiment.

My two cool friends/bouncers/guards

Last but definitely not the least, I am thankful to my friends. Though they are quite shocked that I did these things, I am really thankful to them. Sharing their time and energy to accompany me to the place was more than enough. 

(All photos are courtesy of Lance, the guy with a jacket. Thank you Lance.)

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