Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An Unforgettable Experience

Still trying to recover from MY MOST MEMORABLE SATURDAY, I woke up late. I still do not know if I will go to the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) at the SMX Convention Center. I have many reasons why I want to go there and I also I have reasons why I cannot go there.

I have a morning tutorial with the daughter of our family friend. She needs help on the data analysis of her college thesis. It was around 10AM when I woke up and she was at our house already. I thought to myself. Hmm.. Maybe this was a sign that I won't be able to go to the MIBF. If I will be able to finish this tutorial within an hour, then I will go to the MIBF. And.. with a little research here and there.. We finished the analysis part in one hour. Hmmm... This might be a sign. ^_^

I took a bath and then asked my sister if she knew how to go home from MOA/SMX. She said that she doesn't know as she has not been in MOA before. Whoa... I have been to the place for many times but I am with my friends that is why I do not bother to study or pay attention about the direction going home. This might be a sign that I won't be able to go to MIBF. Then she said, "Pwede naman siguro tayo magtanong sa mga tao dun." (We could ask for directions from the people).. Hmm.. she used "WE" that means she would accompany me. Yey.

We left home around 12noon. The book signing event will start at 1PM and it will only be for 1 hour. Going to Pasay from our place usually took 1.5 - 2 hours. If we're lucky we will arrive in SMX around 2PM. So I said, if its meant to be, it will happen.

The digital clock at the bus keeps on reminding me how much time left. I ended up talking to my sister about anything just to divert my attention, she seemed sleepy but still managed to answer my questions. Maybe she knew that I was about to cry so she tried to have a discussion with the questions I asked. :)

When we are at Buendia, we took a taxi to SMX. 1:45PM - we are in the middle of a traffic, the driver then told us that we are just few meters away from the SMX. Maybe he sensed that we are running out of time since I always ask my sister about the time. :) So he said, "Derecho lang tapos kaliwa, ayun na yung entrance ng SMX." (Just go straight then left, that is the entrance of the SMX). We said thank you to the driver and ran. :) 1:56PM - we are at the entrance of the SMX, and the line was long... No choice but to wait. 1:59PM - I saw the writer leaving the table. My sister ran towards the writer.

And.... "Hmm.. excuse me, pwede po pasign nitong three books" (Excuse me, can you sign my three books) I said immediately, trying to compose myself. Then she asked, "Oo naman. Saan kayo galing nyan?" (Sure. Where are you from?) I answered, "Laguna po." I cannot remember anything that she asked. I still cannot think that I saw her in person. ^_^ She just asked my name and I answered Lyn. Then she wrote something on the first book.. then the second.. then the third.. Yey. I also asked for a picture with her. Then we said thank you and goodbye to her. :)

Me ^_^ (all smiles) with Ms. Noreen Capili

Then my stomach reminded us that we are hungry, we still have not taken our lunch. :) So we looked for a restaurant with few people. I was literally jumping while we are looking for a restaurant. Still excited and amazed that I had my books signed by one of my favorite authors.

After that, we went back to the MIBF and looked around. We also saw one of my favorite authors but I was not able to bring my 4 books. :( I do not have any idea that he will be there also at this time :( Curiosity took us to a booth full of people, I heard people saying that Yandre will be there. Hmm.. So I just look at my sister then she said, "Okay, saan ang pwesto natin para maghintay?" (Okay. Where will we stand to wait?) Very supportive sister. :) We stood at the back of those girls lining up for the meet and greet and.... The event security (around two of them) then make a way as Yandre is coming. :) Quite lucky, the two walked right in front of us. Surprised, I just stared at them. Andre was really tall and handsome and Yassi was very beautiful. I just giggled as I still cannot imagine that the two just walked right in front of us. :)

Yandre coming. :)

Yandre at the Summit Media Booth

Then my sister asked me if I still have somewhere to go to or anyone I knew coming in the area. :) I just answered no. :) So we ended up asking for directions as to where is the cab terminal so we could go home early. Since we still have to do some house chores. ^__^

While on the bus, I read the message that the author wrote on the book and it said, "For Lyn, Kung para sayo ang isang bagay... sayo pa rin ang bagsak nito. Tingnan mo, umabot ka!" (For Lyn, If it is really meant for you, in the end it will wind a way. Just like how you are able to go today) It seems like she knew my struggles just to go to the event. ^____^ The messages are really nice and meaningful. :)

"For Lyn, Kung para sayo ang isang bagay... sayo pa rin ang bagsak nito. Tingnan mo, umabot ka!"
(The Goodbye Girl)

For Lyn, Love recklessly!
(Buti pa ang Roma, may Bagong Papa)

 For Lyn, Anything is possible. 
(Parang Kayo pero hindi)

On our way home, my younger brother called us to fetch our nephew in his office. Upon arriving at the office, he called and told us that we have to look for a black bag that has a durian and that it was for us ^_^ Another wish come true. This would be the first time that I will eat durian in 2015. It is one of my favorite. I used to ask for durian as my pasalubong (present) from my friends who visited Davao. But they usually say that it is a little bulky, some would say that they do not like the fruit though. Just when I thought that I will not be able to eat durian, life has its way of surprising me. 

Me eating durian ^_^

Do not rush things, when something is bound to happen, it will happen. No matter what. In the right time and at the right place. Just learn how to wait and do not give up. ^_^