Friday, October 16, 2015

Fide's Bucket List Part 1

People usually have "things to do" before reaching a certain time or period in their life. Well, just to be a little different, I have:


(Majority of the items are from the book 'PAANO BA 'TO?! How to Survive Growing Up" by Bianca Gonzalez)

1. Do something someone has said you couldn't do. - DONE. Joined the Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

2. Learn a creative skill - drawing, painting, lettering, graphic design, perhaps?  (I love drawing and lettering a lot.) (Changed to : Read a book or watch a movie that will make you cry) - DONE. Tuesdays with Morrie. Werewolf Boy. Miracle in Cell No.7. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.

3. Learn to cook at least one dish really well. - DONE. Sotanghon soup. 

4. Keep an emergency fund that you will only touch during emergencies. - DONE

5. Travel ALONE. - 1st Day in Phuket November 2013

6. Go out of town with friends. - DONE. MINDANAO Trip 2012. Calaruega 2015.

7. Volunteer - DONE. PPCRV Volunteer. 2007. 2010. 2013. Blood Donation.

8. Write a local government official with suggestions on how the community can improve.

9. Find a workout that you love doing. - DONE. Jogging.

10. Find a hairstylist that you can grow old with. - DONE. My sister. ^_^

11. Speak in public. - DONE. CAAS in Phuket. PSAE at Baybay Leyte. EPPI QC Presentation.

12. Join a rally for a cause you believe in. - DONE. Election 2016

13. Treat your family to a nice dinner on a special occasion. - DONE. 2009. We ate at Pizza Hut Olivarez during my 24th Birthday.

14. Fall in love. Get your heart broken. - DONE. Of course.

15. Learn how to drive-manual. (I am really afraid of driving and the streets) (Changed to : Watch a movie or play alone.) - DONE. I watched the two Rurouni Kenshin movies in 2014 alone and also the movie Inside Out.

16. Go camping - in a tent, with sleeping bags, and packed food to grill

17. Engage the cab driver, the guy waiting beside you at the hospital, or the security guard in a discussion about politics. - DONE. Cab drivers usually

18. Learn how to sew. - DONE. Hand and using a sewing machine.

19. Learn the basic household chores. DONE.

20. Save up to watch a concert of a band you really like. - almost but have to sell the ticket for emergency reasons. :(

21. Organize a simple fundraiser with friends and donate to the charity of your choice - DONE. Rummage Sale for Feeding Program. University days.

22. Run a 5K race. - DONE. Milo Marathon. July 2012.

23. Get an adrenaline rush. - DONE. Zip-lining at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. Slide at Maxima Aqua Fun. 2012

24. Clean out your closet and hold a garage sale (I usually do this but I donate the old clothes) (Changed to : Be a fan girl.) - DONE. Book Author Noreen Capili. Actors James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

(Refer to my previous posts like Most Memorable Saturday and Unforgettable Experience)

25. Go to a theme park as a group and ride all the rides (I do not like to go to theme parks that much) (Changed to : Visit relatives you haven't seen for decades) - DONE. Aug. 2011. I haven't seen my Aunt (mother side ever since I was a kid)

(Refer to my previous post Unexpected Reunion)

26. Take historical tour in a city of your choice. - DONE 2016. 

Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Manila. Intramuros, Manila. - May 2016

Saint James the Apostle Parish Church. Paete, Laguna - April 2016.

27. Keep a diary or a blog. DONE. Oh well. 

28. Play a street game (DONE. We used to do this when we were on our old residence) (Changed to : Grow or take care of a plant/pet). - DONE. Plant that I bought last October 2010. Adenium/Obesum.

29. Spend the whole night dancing (I am not that good in dancing do, Add or chatting or drinking) with friends. - DONE. Chatting with my two very good friends Yui and Jef 2006. Drinking, Eastwood Summer 2011.

30. Learn to sing at least one song really well in karaoke/videoke. - DONE. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.

31. Write a letter to family and friends and send it during a special occasion.

I am 30 years old already as of posting. That would mean that I only have 2 years left.

(I will post pictures on some items from time to time.)

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