Friday, February 26, 2016

My On The Wings of Love Experience

Upon hearing that JaDine will have a TV series, I am really excited. I've watched all their movies from Diary ng Panget to Talk Back and You're Dead and Para saHopeless Romantic. I watched these movies during the first week of showing. What more if they will have a TV series. I may not be a good judge when it comes to acting or movies, but who cares I love their chemistry. Period.

The reception for ABS-CBN in our area is not that good. Yes, you have to go out of the house from time to time just to be able to get a good signal. So I decided to buy a TV Plus, so that I could watch the drama in HD. The drama will start on August 10, and I started to look for the TV Plus on August 8. I am not a lucky person, TV Plus is out of stock in all stores at SM Calamba. And since I desperately want to have that, I went to SM San Pablo (almost 30 km). And viola, I have my TV Plus.

And so the story started.

I used to hang-out with my friends right after work. Sometimes I would go home late around 10 or 11 PM. It was my way of unwinding. It was my happy pill. Talking with them is my way of releasing my stress. The show would start at 9PM or 9:15PM. So I have to discipline myself, if I will hang-out with my friends, I have to be home before 9PM. That was my golden rule. My sister and I used to watch movies after work, but we also have to reschedule it. All my weeknights’ activities were changed. One good thing about this was that my father needs not to ask me where I was, since it was already a given fact that no matter what happens I will go home by 9PM.

There were instances that I was not able to watch the show on its regular schedule. First, was when I have to go to the wake of the mother of a friend. Second, was when I had to attend to a meeting in Nueva Ecija and I arrived home late during that time around 11PM. Third was a little longer, it was when my father was in the hospital for a week. This was not a problem, I could still catch the missed episodes on iWantTV, thank you to that.

Every 10th of the month, we celebrated the OTWOL Monthsary. It needs not to be a very big gathering or celebration. It was just simple, very simple. Sometimes the celebration was late and sometimes early. It doesn’t matter, what matter is that we have a simple celebration.

The show made me a fan of JaDine. I went to the Scrapbook Launch (my first time to attend to any event about an artist). I went to the Spread The Love Tour. The place was far from our place, but thanks to my friends who would accompany me to all these activities. Never did I imagine that I would get hooked to this drama and to a love team this much. I even collected the 7-11 City Blends cups, some magazines and books. And yes, I opened my Twitter account (which I closed for almost 3 years), just to be able to support the show. And… I even registered to be a member of a fanmily, the WeLoveJaDine. Yes, fanmily as in fan-family because the people in the group were really nice.
On the Wings of Love
It was the first TV series of Antoinette Jadaone. I am a fan of That Thing Called Tadhana (I also have a copy of the book The Arrow With A Heart Pierced Through Him) and Relaks its Just Pag-ibig. OTWOL is categorized as a romantic comedy drama and I am a big fan of romantic comedy, be it a drama or a movie. Also one of the director is Jojo Saguin, who also directed May Bukas Pa, another drama that made me cry and strengthen my faith. The musical scorer is the same with the musical scorer for the movie That Thing Called Tadhana.

JaDine will be the lead, need I say any reason for this. The cast and supporting actors are not ordinary. They are very talented actors. Some are doing indie films and some are doing theater plays. This further raises the standard. I even thought that this would be a musical type drama. In the end, the whole cast surpassed the standards that I initially set.
The story is simple and the directors promised that it’s not the ordinary type of TV drama with complicated plot. That’s what I thought.


Each of the character has its own back story. Some are simple; some are quite difficult to understand. But the way the story was told was not ordinary. At first, you might not be able to understand their decisions but in the end the writers were able to explain and show the reason behind each of the decisions. You might judge some characters base on their actions but the main conflict I think on this drama is the situation. It is a unique conflict I think base on some of the dramas I watched before. You should not judge the person base from what you see, sometimes you have to know them, and you have to know their story.

The show tackles many issues in life. There’s family, friendship, career, love, faith and trust. Even the current issues in the society like traffic and the balikbayan box during the first few episodes. The life of an OFW is another good point that was shown. It might not be that detailed but their life that is far from their family is really difficult. Marriage is one important lesson in the drama. And Tatang always reiterate this to Clark and Leah. I hope the lesson on how couples and people would look at marriage would be how Tatang said it. That marriage is sacred and that couples should stay and face life’s challenges together.

The lesson on love for me was simple. In order to love someone, you must learn to love yourself. Free your heart from burden so that you can love with all your heart. Trust each other and be honest. I will just write another post for this, I might cry if I will write it today.

Thank You

Thank you OTWOL for making me believe in love and that true love waits and will never be tired. Thank you for showing me the life of other people beyond my circle. And most of all thank you for being my happy pill. During those stressful times, you are the reason I smile before going to bed. You are not just an ordinary drama, remember that. You are a one of a kind drama. It will be very difficult for me to say goodbye. That’s why I won’t do it. Instead, I will say thank you.

* I will just post another entry, its really difficult for me to end this at this time. J

Monday, November 2, 2015

On the Wings of Love Spread The Love Tour

(I am not a writer; I just want to share my experiences. And, yes I commit mistakes.)

I woke up really early that Sunday. Hoping that I would be lucky enough to have that ticket for the OTWOL Spread The Love Tour. I arrived at Market, Market around 7AM and waited for the opening of the mall. I talked to random people on the line and they said that at the Main Entrance, people started to arrive around 5AM (how was that? I thought). So I went to the Main Entrance just to see the long line. Then, I went back to the entrance near the Starbucks Coffee. Some of the people who were also waiting came from nearby provinces like me.

Finally, the mall opened at 10AM and we went inside running (just like the contestants on the Amazing Race) while looking for the ABS-CBN Store Booth near the Activity Center. Unfortunately, the line was very long (very long). I still went to the end of the line, earnestly hoping that I could still have a ticket to the event. Then around 1PM, one of the event marshal announced that all tickets were sold out and that we should start looking for a place outside the event center (fence) if we want to watch the show. And in just a snap, we ran inside (like in the Amazing Race, again) to the activity center of the mall. We even went to the second level and found a place. But then it was quite far from the stage. So we decided to go at the ground level and try our luck.

The stage at around 12NN.

We went down and walked around the fence and found a small spot. I waited in the spot at the first level for one hour. The event will start at 4PM. After an hour of standing, I got tired went to a coffee shop. My two good friends were there and we had snacks. Then when it was around 3PM, we went through the crowd again and looked for a place where we could see the stage.

The natural and talkative me with the ultimate spoiler.

Here’s a little relaxed talkative me.

Lance, the runner, shopper and spoiler (thank you very much)

Views from the second level (Top: with spoiler Jeff)

The gang while waiting for the clock to strike 3.

Our spot at the first level

I saw some people using chairs (monobloc) so that they could see the stage as the crowd in the event was really big. I asked one of my spoilers that I also wanted to have one. So he went to the store and bought one. We may not have any items from the ABS-CBN booth but we do have a monobloc (yes, I am not a tall person that is why it was very difficult for me to see the stage and I am also shy to my spoilers if I would, again, ask them to lift me so I could see the stage). Thank you mighty monobloc, without you I'm sure we will go home early. You're the saviour of my spoilers from lifting me and also my height extension for that event. 

The mighty monobloc ^_^

Me (standing on the “precious” monobloc) with my two spoilers 
(thank you so much guys)

The show finally started. Tolayts, Axel, Kiko and Cullen performed first. The energy level was high. I must say they all looked good and could sing really well. After all, three of them Tolayts (Nico Antonio), Axel (Benjie  Manalo) and Kiko (Rafael Sudayan) are singers. Cullen (Jason Francisco) is a performer that is why I think he could blend well with the three. It was a really nice opening number as you could feel the audience screaming (yes, I am one of them) and singing with them. Then a man on a red shirt shouted at me and asked me to be quiet. He had a big body built so I just shut up (I was just thinking “If he doesn’t want to hear people screaming then this might not be the appropriate place for him/them, right? You cannot expect people to just smile or nod or cry or not have any emotions at all on events like this one right?”) That person really knows the meaning of the phrase, “beast mode” so people the around him stayed quiet for a while. After that performance he left the crowd. Then I said it (my thoughts) quite loud to my friends and when the people near us just laughed at what I said. Then, Gabby (Nhikzy Calma) gave a dance number and Tolayts and Tiffany (Bianca Manalo) had a song and dance number.

Tolayts and Tiffany after their song and dance number

The next to perform was Jigs (played by Albie Casiño) he looked nice and I think he was on his character while singing. Anyway, I think he was an effective actor as you could see, hear and read everywhere about people hating his character on the series. That, I think is a sign that he could play his role really well. Leah (Nadine Lustre) performed next and she looked good and sexy on her outfit. Clark (James Reid) gave a song number during the show. He really looked good hot on that simple outfit. The crowd went wild during their performance.

Jigs (Albie Casiño) singing

Leah on the stage (and my back ^_^)

Clark after his performance

In between those performance, other cast like Tita Jack (Cherry Pie Picache), Lola Pachang (Nanette Inventor), Jordan (Andrei Garcia) and Jenny (Laiza Comia), Kapitana (Geraldine Villamil) and Mama Lu (Joel  Saracho) went on the stage to give a message to all the fans. They thanked everyone for their support to the show and wished that people would continue to watch it. Of course, we will watch the show. They even gave hints as they said that more things and events will happen since the show is extended until February 2016 (Yes, February 2016). I think that the support of the people and the energy of the crowd on that event were signs of the audience appreciation of the show, right? I won’t go to this event if I do not like the show that much. I want to thank all the cast, staff and crew of this show. (I think I will have a separate post for this)

I thought that was it. But then just like the show, there were many surprises. One was when Clark and Leah sang “Say You’ll Never Go”, and then Rico (Juan Miguel Severo) went to the stage and performed the poem “Sampung Bagay na Natutunan ko sa mga Umiibig”. I was really shocked and wanted to jump but then I remembered that I am just standing on a chair. So I just screamed. I really like the performance of Juan Miguel Severo, as you could feel the all the emotions of every line in the piece. The next one was when, again, Clark and Leah sang the official sound track “On the Wings of Love” and then Rico, again, performed one of my favorite piece “Mga Basang Unan”. I am extremely happy for that. I was not able to attend and watch his two shows/performances in UPLB as I learned the schedule of the shows really late,so just try to imagine my reaction when he was at the event. Another surprise was the reward Clark got when he won the mini game against Jigs. Yes, it was a kiss from Leah. And I would like to call it “head turner kiss” (I’ll leave this one on your imagination) I really screamed and clapped (at the same time) on that part. Then, there was also a question and answer part by Director Jojo Saguin and Director Antoinette Jadaone. I was excited and happy to see these two. Director Jojo Saguin directed the show “My App Boyfie” (JaDine’s “Wansapanatym” Series) and Director Antoinette Jadaone directed the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana”. To close the event, they gave a cake to Nadine for her birthday and then James gave her a gift. Yes, another kiss. It was an ordinary kiss on the cheek but… the crowd (yes I am one of them) still went wild.The whole cast finally thanked everyone for coming to the event. And I would like to thank them for having an event like this one. The activity center of Market Market was full of people. It was my first time to see (and be in) a crowded place like that.

A mini game where Clark and Jigs had a dance showdown and you know who won.

Directors Jadaone and Saguin answering questions from the audience.

No other way to end the show (i love this shot very much)

Part of the crowd inside the Market Market

Then, we went around Serendra and the Bonifacio High Street. The place and the atmosphere are really different. Yes, it is a beautiful place. But pardon me for saying that I feel that the life in the area seems fast and also expensive. Maybe I am used to the life in Laguna, after all I have been in the province for less than three decades. We had snacks, again, in Mary Grace. It was my friends’ favorite restaurant, I guess.

That’s us strolling around BGC.

The mandatory pose (first time visitor)

After that, we went home. While walking to the bus station, I thanked my two spoiler friends. I also hope they enjoyed the event as much as I do. They seemed tired and I could only offer them water as I am not yet rich. Once inside the bus and paid our fare, we slept and when we woke up we’re at SM Calamba. Yes, we are tired, who will not be.

Just like what the girl in front of the line told me, “This was the first time I get addicted and attached on a TV series like this, to the point that I even went to their mall show”. Guilty as charged and I am proud to say that it is the only show that got my attention. I still do not know why and I also do not know until when I will be an OTWOLista. But what I know for a fact is that, this is my FIRST TIME to do these things. And remember some sayings on FIRST, like Nicholas Sparks’, “There's no love like the first”?

* Photo credit : Lance (thank you very much) It was difficult to get pictures from our location as there are many people. I'd like to thank Lance for taking all the pictures in this entry. Once I am a billionaire, I will give you a high-end camera ^_^ 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fide's Bucket List Part 1

People usually have "things to do" before reaching a certain time or period in their life. Well, just to be a little different, I have:


(Majority of the items are from the book 'PAANO BA 'TO?! How to Survive Growing Up" by Bianca Gonzalez)

1. Do something someone has said you couldn't do. - DONE. Joined the Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

2. Learn a creative skill - drawing, painting, lettering, graphic design, perhaps?  (I love drawing and lettering a lot.) (Changed to : Read a book or watch a movie that will make you cry) - DONE. Tuesdays with Morrie. Werewolf Boy. Miracle in Cell No.7. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.

3. Learn to cook at least one dish really well. - DONE. Sotanghon soup. 

4. Keep an emergency fund that you will only touch during emergencies. - DONE

5. Travel ALONE. - 1st Day in Phuket November 2013

6. Go out of town with friends. - DONE. MINDANAO Trip 2012. Calaruega 2015.

7. Volunteer - DONE. PPCRV Volunteer. 2007. 2010. 2013. Blood Donation.

8. Write a local government official with suggestions on how the community can improve.

9. Find a workout that you love doing. - DONE. Jogging.

10. Find a hairstylist that you can grow old with. - DONE. My sister. ^_^

11. Speak in public. - DONE. CAAS in Phuket. PSAE at Baybay Leyte. EPPI QC Presentation.

12. Join a rally for a cause you believe in. - DONE. Election 2016

13. Treat your family to a nice dinner on a special occasion. - DONE. 2009. We ate at Pizza Hut Olivarez during my 24th Birthday.

14. Fall in love. Get your heart broken. - DONE. Of course.

15. Learn how to drive-manual. (I am really afraid of driving and the streets) (Changed to : Watch a movie or play alone.) - DONE. I watched the two Rurouni Kenshin movies in 2014 alone and also the movie Inside Out.

16. Go camping - in a tent, with sleeping bags, and packed food to grill

17. Engage the cab driver, the guy waiting beside you at the hospital, or the security guard in a discussion about politics. - DONE. Cab drivers usually

18. Learn how to sew. - DONE. Hand and using a sewing machine.

19. Learn the basic household chores. DONE.

20. Save up to watch a concert of a band you really like. - almost but have to sell the ticket for emergency reasons. :(

21. Organize a simple fundraiser with friends and donate to the charity of your choice - DONE. Rummage Sale for Feeding Program. University days.

22. Run a 5K race. - DONE. Milo Marathon. July 2012.

23. Get an adrenaline rush. - DONE. Zip-lining at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. Slide at Maxima Aqua Fun. 2012

24. Clean out your closet and hold a garage sale (I usually do this but I donate the old clothes) (Changed to : Be a fan girl.) - DONE. Book Author Noreen Capili. Actors James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

(Refer to my previous posts like Most Memorable Saturday and Unforgettable Experience)

25. Go to a theme park as a group and ride all the rides (I do not like to go to theme parks that much) (Changed to : Visit relatives you haven't seen for decades) - DONE. Aug. 2011. I haven't seen my Aunt (mother side ever since I was a kid)

(Refer to my previous post Unexpected Reunion)

26. Take historical tour in a city of your choice. - DONE 2016. 

Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Manila. Intramuros, Manila. - May 2016

Saint James the Apostle Parish Church. Paete, Laguna - April 2016.

27. Keep a diary or a blog. DONE. Oh well. 

28. Play a street game (DONE. We used to do this when we were on our old residence) (Changed to : Grow or take care of a plant/pet). - DONE. Plant that I bought last October 2010. Adenium/Obesum.

29. Spend the whole night dancing (I am not that good in dancing do, Add or chatting or drinking) with friends. - DONE. Chatting with my two very good friends Yui and Jef 2006. Drinking, Eastwood Summer 2011.

30. Learn to sing at least one song really well in karaoke/videoke. - DONE. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.

31. Write a letter to family and friends and send it during a special occasion.

I am 30 years old already as of posting. That would mean that I only have 2 years left.

(I will post pictures on some items from time to time.)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Most Memorable Saturday

“If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

I wanted to go to the On The Wings Of Love (OTWOL) Scrapbook launch (September 19, 2015) but I didn’t know how to go there. I am not really that familiar with Quezon City specifically Fairview Terraces. I did some research on how to go there but still a little hesitant since I am not really familiar. Safety is another thing that I have to consider as I will surely go home late on that day.

So I asked my two close friends if they know the place and luckily one of them used to live in Fairview for some years. I believe I am lucky. They agreed to accompany me on one condition; I have to treat them for lunch. So I immediately said yes. “Thank God for real friends.”

I was very excited when I woke up that day. Who will not be excited?? We left Los Baños, Laguna around 10:30AM and had a free ride up to Aurora Blvd. The journey was not easy, not one of us thought of that I think. Some “adventures” we encountered were first a container van stalled near Turbina so we had to reroute and took Star Toll Exit (Sto.Tomas Batangas). The line was very long (really long) and it took us around an hour to pass through the exit. Another “adventure” was the highway patrol group near E. Rodriguez Extension, our pilot was so scared that he took the ramp so instead of going to the Taft Avenue we took Aurora Boulevard. It was a free ride so we did not complain. It was few minutes before 1PM when we arrived in Aurora Boulevard and there were literally few people whom we could ask for directions so we just walked and walked. We took the MRT from Taft Avenue station until Kamuning Station.

While inside the train, many things entered my mind that maybe these were signs that we should not go to the event. I asked my friends if its okay with them that we eat our lunch at Terraces and they agreed. I was shy at that time also because I was the one asking for a favor and I even let them starve or skip their lunch. For me, this was a big favor since instead of them resting and enjoying their weekends, here we are trying to beat the heat inside the MRT. They did not complain, I do not know why but I am very thankful to friends like them.

Upon arriving at the Kamuning Station, we took a taxi to Fairview Terraces. The journey was very silent that was because maybe they were or we were hungry. It was around past 2PM when we arrived at the place and the central garden was full of people already. When we went to the National Bookstore to buy the scrapbook, it was already out-of-stock. Imagine my disappointment knowing this. I won’t be able to meet and greet the stars of OTWOL and I won’t even have the scrapbook. So then one of my friends told me, it’s okay we will just enjoy the “view” from somewhere. That idea lifted my mood. So we took our lunch at Jollibee. I am really thankful to these people as I was able to save because we had late lunch at Jollibee and they never complained on how tired they are already like me. :) 

The Gang composed of Lance, Jeff and me (Right to Left)

The stage at the Central Garden of Ayala Fairview Terraces.

We went around the place after eating and went back to the Central Garden for the event. The place was really full of people and I never thought that it was that many. It was really crowded.

That was me and my forehead.

I am not a tall person so I cannot see the stage. So I decided to look around and find a place where I could see the lead actors of OTWOL. Walking here and there, I stopped near the door where people started to line up from the door to the stage. So I did the same. A group of girls were in front of me and I could still see the way (I assumed and wished that this will be where the lead actors will pass).

A few minutes of standing I heard people screaming and then we saw them. The lead actors of OTWOL. Horray! They walked right in front of the place where we are standing. They look dashing even when they are just walking. I was shocked to the point that I am also screaming. I never imagine that I would feel that excited and happy for something like that. The feelings and emotions were new to me. Honestly speaking, I always thought that people who scream at events like that were crazy. But then during that time, I am proud to say and admit that I am crazy, really crazy. When people started to move around I went back to my friends. They were also very excited and when I told them m what happened they got more excited. 

So we waited for their performance. Leah Olivar – Medina (Nadine Lustre in real life) performed first and then the crowd started to get more excited to the point that many are shouting. 

The gorgeous Leah Olivar-Medina (Nadine Lustre)

Then Clark Medina (James Reid in real life) performed next and people started to scream loudly and I am proud to say that I am one of them. Some were even jumping. I am quite shocked to see their reactions. 

The handsome Clark Medina (James Reid)

When they did a duet of the song On The Wings Of Love, everyone were screaming. I and my friends could not talk clearly as we hear people screaming. Yes I admit they really look good together (really good together. You could feel the “sparks” between them. The crowd is really uncontrollable. 

The Medina Couple (Hubby and Wifey)

From time to time, my two friends would shout at me to ask if I am still okay and if I am enjoying the event. I am okay even if its really crowded. I am okay even if its hot in the area. I am okay even if the girl in front of me is stepping on my shoes. I am okay even if I could not see them clearly. On that point I realized that if you really want something that bad, you will really endure everything just to have it. I could not see the lead actors as people were raising their phones, tablets and cameras just to get a picture of them. So my friends had a really bright idea. When the stars will face our direction, one of my friends would carry me so that I could see them. I was really desperate so I immediately said yes. I cannot have a meet and greet and I do not have a copy of the scrapbook so definitely I should find a way to see them and do everything just to get a glimpse of them. After all the things that happened, I should just enjoy this event. Another advantage of having tall and good friends is that they will go with all your craziness. They raised me every time the actors would face our direction. And during that time I am even waving though I do not know if the stars were really looking at us. Its that point of the day when I thought “Oh did I just did that”. A smile was already plastered on my face after seeing them even from a far.

After their performance it was the meet and greet so we decided to leave the crowd. A mother and her daughter were standing few steps away from our back and the kid looked pale. When she fainted, my two hero friends carried her to the nearest bench. Sadly though there was an emergency booth but no one is around to accommodate us. When the kid looked okay, we then decided to leave. Before we went back inside the mall, I told my two good friends that “I am very lucky to have you guys here with me today. Not only do I have friends but I also have bouncers and guards too.” They just say it’s okay as they also enjoyed the event. We looked really horrible when we entered the mall. But we don’t care, no one in the area knew who we are. 

When we fixed ourselves we had snacks at Mary Grace. It was one of their favorite café so I cannot say no. The ensaymada was delicious but for me it was a little sweet. I still cannot contain my happiness and excitement so I called my sister at home and told her how awesome the experience was. I cannot scream inside the café so I tried to scream silently. 

The Gang

I may not be able to have a meet and greet with them and may not have a copy of the scrapbook but the experience of going to the event is enough. I saw them even just from a far. Soon I still hope to see them closer.

Team Hubby and Wifey during the meet and greet

It was around 5PM when we decided to go home but before we left, we went to SM and Robinsons. Since these malls were near each other. Even on the bus on our way home, we cannot stop talking how awesome are the lead actors of the show. Leah looks really beautiful and simply gorgeous. Clark is really handsome and hot. They are really talented since they could act, dance and sing well. The blending of their voice is also good. That and many other things. My two friends were also surprised that this was the first time that I did such thing like this.

Yes, it was really my first time to do such thing like that. My first time to go to a book launch/fan’s day like this. I have never been an avid and super fan of any love team or TV show like I am towards OTWOL and JaDine. The feeling and emotion were new and unique to me. They laughed about it and they even made a joke while we were in the bus that they could not believe that I will do these things considering my profession and educational background. I myself also could not believe that I will be able to do these things at my age.

So maybe that’s how things work. You do things just for the fun of experiencing it. You do things you have not done before. You test yourself just how far you could go. Maybe sometimes you have to go beyond what is normal, usual and what is expected of you. You just have to be brave, responsible and have the courage to do it. Do not be afraid to try things. Always have time to experiment.

My two cool friends/bouncers/guards

Last but definitely not the least, I am thankful to my friends. Though they are quite shocked that I did these things, I am really thankful to them. Sharing their time and energy to accompany me to the place was more than enough. 

(All photos are courtesy of Lance, the guy with a jacket. Thank you Lance.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An Unforgettable Experience

Still trying to recover from MY MOST MEMORABLE SATURDAY, I woke up late. I still do not know if I will go to the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) at the SMX Convention Center. I have many reasons why I want to go there and I also I have reasons why I cannot go there.

I have a morning tutorial with the daughter of our family friend. She needs help on the data analysis of her college thesis. It was around 10AM when I woke up and she was at our house already. I thought to myself. Hmm.. Maybe this was a sign that I won't be able to go to the MIBF. If I will be able to finish this tutorial within an hour, then I will go to the MIBF. And.. with a little research here and there.. We finished the analysis part in one hour. Hmmm... This might be a sign. ^_^

I took a bath and then asked my sister if she knew how to go home from MOA/SMX. She said that she doesn't know as she has not been in MOA before. Whoa... I have been to the place for many times but I am with my friends that is why I do not bother to study or pay attention about the direction going home. This might be a sign that I won't be able to go to MIBF. Then she said, "Pwede naman siguro tayo magtanong sa mga tao dun." (We could ask for directions from the people).. Hmm.. she used "WE" that means she would accompany me. Yey.

We left home around 12noon. The book signing event will start at 1PM and it will only be for 1 hour. Going to Pasay from our place usually took 1.5 - 2 hours. If we're lucky we will arrive in SMX around 2PM. So I said, if its meant to be, it will happen.

The digital clock at the bus keeps on reminding me how much time left. I ended up talking to my sister about anything just to divert my attention, she seemed sleepy but still managed to answer my questions. Maybe she knew that I was about to cry so she tried to have a discussion with the questions I asked. :)

When we are at Buendia, we took a taxi to SMX. 1:45PM - we are in the middle of a traffic, the driver then told us that we are just few meters away from the SMX. Maybe he sensed that we are running out of time since I always ask my sister about the time. :) So he said, "Derecho lang tapos kaliwa, ayun na yung entrance ng SMX." (Just go straight then left, that is the entrance of the SMX). We said thank you to the driver and ran. :) 1:56PM - we are at the entrance of the SMX, and the line was long... No choice but to wait. 1:59PM - I saw the writer leaving the table. My sister ran towards the writer.

And.... "Hmm.. excuse me, pwede po pasign nitong three books" (Excuse me, can you sign my three books) I said immediately, trying to compose myself. Then she asked, "Oo naman. Saan kayo galing nyan?" (Sure. Where are you from?) I answered, "Laguna po." I cannot remember anything that she asked. I still cannot think that I saw her in person. ^_^ She just asked my name and I answered Lyn. Then she wrote something on the first book.. then the second.. then the third.. Yey. I also asked for a picture with her. Then we said thank you and goodbye to her. :)

Me ^_^ (all smiles) with Ms. Noreen Capili

Then my stomach reminded us that we are hungry, we still have not taken our lunch. :) So we looked for a restaurant with few people. I was literally jumping while we are looking for a restaurant. Still excited and amazed that I had my books signed by one of my favorite authors.

After that, we went back to the MIBF and looked around. We also saw one of my favorite authors but I was not able to bring my 4 books. :( I do not have any idea that he will be there also at this time :( Curiosity took us to a booth full of people, I heard people saying that Yandre will be there. Hmm.. So I just look at my sister then she said, "Okay, saan ang pwesto natin para maghintay?" (Okay. Where will we stand to wait?) Very supportive sister. :) We stood at the back of those girls lining up for the meet and greet and.... The event security (around two of them) then make a way as Yandre is coming. :) Quite lucky, the two walked right in front of us. Surprised, I just stared at them. Andre was really tall and handsome and Yassi was very beautiful. I just giggled as I still cannot imagine that the two just walked right in front of us. :)

Yandre coming. :)

Yandre at the Summit Media Booth

Then my sister asked me if I still have somewhere to go to or anyone I knew coming in the area. :) I just answered no. :) So we ended up asking for directions as to where is the cab terminal so we could go home early. Since we still have to do some house chores. ^__^

While on the bus, I read the message that the author wrote on the book and it said, "For Lyn, Kung para sayo ang isang bagay... sayo pa rin ang bagsak nito. Tingnan mo, umabot ka!" (For Lyn, If it is really meant for you, in the end it will wind a way. Just like how you are able to go today) It seems like she knew my struggles just to go to the event. ^____^ The messages are really nice and meaningful. :)

"For Lyn, Kung para sayo ang isang bagay... sayo pa rin ang bagsak nito. Tingnan mo, umabot ka!"
(The Goodbye Girl)

For Lyn, Love recklessly!
(Buti pa ang Roma, may Bagong Papa)

 For Lyn, Anything is possible. 
(Parang Kayo pero hindi)

On our way home, my younger brother called us to fetch our nephew in his office. Upon arriving at the office, he called and told us that we have to look for a black bag that has a durian and that it was for us ^_^ Another wish come true. This would be the first time that I will eat durian in 2015. It is one of my favorite. I used to ask for durian as my pasalubong (present) from my friends who visited Davao. But they usually say that it is a little bulky, some would say that they do not like the fruit though. Just when I thought that I will not be able to eat durian, life has its way of surprising me. 

Me eating durian ^_^

Do not rush things, when something is bound to happen, it will happen. No matter what. In the right time and at the right place. Just learn how to wait and do not give up. ^_^