Monday, February 23, 2015

The One

Another post from my old Wordpress (July 20, 2012) account.

The power couple. ^_^

The person who made the heavy loads light
The person I would always have reason to fight
The one who thinks I am smart and bright
Is no other than the one who gave me life

The one I could cry on when times are tough
The one who gave me love which no one could stop
One of my inspirations in reaching the top
And thanking this person is not just enough

And now wherever this person maybe
I know that the person is always guiding me
The person whom now I will never see
Still my heart always long for thee

The person who brought me joys untold
Joys that filled my heart more than gold
The hand which I always want to hold
How I wish my love for thee will be unfold


A poem written last July 2001 and read during my PI 100 class last January 2004.

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