Friday, February 26, 2016

My On The Wings of Love Experience

Upon hearing that JaDine will have a TV series, I am really excited. I've watched all their movies from Diary ng Panget to Talk Back and You're Dead and Para saHopeless Romantic. I watched these movies during the first week of showing. What more if they will have a TV series. I may not be a good judge when it comes to acting or movies, but who cares I love their chemistry. Period.

The reception for ABS-CBN in our area is not that good. Yes, you have to go out of the house from time to time just to be able to get a good signal. So I decided to buy a TV Plus, so that I could watch the drama in HD. The drama will start on August 10, and I started to look for the TV Plus on August 8. I am not a lucky person, TV Plus is out of stock in all stores at SM Calamba. And since I desperately want to have that, I went to SM San Pablo (almost 30 km). And viola, I have my TV Plus.

And so the story started.

I used to hang-out with my friends right after work. Sometimes I would go home late around 10 or 11 PM. It was my way of unwinding. It was my happy pill. Talking with them is my way of releasing my stress. The show would start at 9PM or 9:15PM. So I have to discipline myself, if I will hang-out with my friends, I have to be home before 9PM. That was my golden rule. My sister and I used to watch movies after work, but we also have to reschedule it. All my weeknights’ activities were changed. One good thing about this was that my father needs not to ask me where I was, since it was already a given fact that no matter what happens I will go home by 9PM.

There were instances that I was not able to watch the show on its regular schedule. First, was when I have to go to the wake of the mother of a friend. Second, was when I had to attend to a meeting in Nueva Ecija and I arrived home late during that time around 11PM. Third was a little longer, it was when my father was in the hospital for a week. This was not a problem, I could still catch the missed episodes on iWantTV, thank you to that.

Every 10th of the month, we celebrated the OTWOL Monthsary. It needs not to be a very big gathering or celebration. It was just simple, very simple. Sometimes the celebration was late and sometimes early. It doesn’t matter, what matter is that we have a simple celebration.

The show made me a fan of JaDine. I went to the Scrapbook Launch (my first time to attend to any event about an artist). I went to the Spread The Love Tour. The place was far from our place, but thanks to my friends who would accompany me to all these activities. Never did I imagine that I would get hooked to this drama and to a love team this much. I even collected the 7-11 City Blends cups, some magazines and books. And yes, I opened my Twitter account (which I closed for almost 3 years), just to be able to support the show. And… I even registered to be a member of a fanmily, the WeLoveJaDine. Yes, fanmily as in fan-family because the people in the group were really nice.
On the Wings of Love
It was the first TV series of Antoinette Jadaone. I am a fan of That Thing Called Tadhana (I also have a copy of the book The Arrow With A Heart Pierced Through Him) and Relaks its Just Pag-ibig. OTWOL is categorized as a romantic comedy drama and I am a big fan of romantic comedy, be it a drama or a movie. Also one of the director is Jojo Saguin, who also directed May Bukas Pa, another drama that made me cry and strengthen my faith. The musical scorer is the same with the musical scorer for the movie That Thing Called Tadhana.

JaDine will be the lead, need I say any reason for this. The cast and supporting actors are not ordinary. They are very talented actors. Some are doing indie films and some are doing theater plays. This further raises the standard. I even thought that this would be a musical type drama. In the end, the whole cast surpassed the standards that I initially set.
The story is simple and the directors promised that it’s not the ordinary type of TV drama with complicated plot. That’s what I thought.


Each of the character has its own back story. Some are simple; some are quite difficult to understand. But the way the story was told was not ordinary. At first, you might not be able to understand their decisions but in the end the writers were able to explain and show the reason behind each of the decisions. You might judge some characters base on their actions but the main conflict I think on this drama is the situation. It is a unique conflict I think base on some of the dramas I watched before. You should not judge the person base from what you see, sometimes you have to know them, and you have to know their story.

The show tackles many issues in life. There’s family, friendship, career, love, faith and trust. Even the current issues in the society like traffic and the balikbayan box during the first few episodes. The life of an OFW is another good point that was shown. It might not be that detailed but their life that is far from their family is really difficult. Marriage is one important lesson in the drama. And Tatang always reiterate this to Clark and Leah. I hope the lesson on how couples and people would look at marriage would be how Tatang said it. That marriage is sacred and that couples should stay and face life’s challenges together.

The lesson on love for me was simple. In order to love someone, you must learn to love yourself. Free your heart from burden so that you can love with all your heart. Trust each other and be honest. I will just write another post for this, I might cry if I will write it today.

Thank You

Thank you OTWOL for making me believe in love and that true love waits and will never be tired. Thank you for showing me the life of other people beyond my circle. And most of all thank you for being my happy pill. During those stressful times, you are the reason I smile before going to bed. You are not just an ordinary drama, remember that. You are a one of a kind drama. It will be very difficult for me to say goodbye. That’s why I won’t do it. Instead, I will say thank you.

* I will just post another entry, its really difficult for me to end this at this time. J