Monday, November 2, 2015

On the Wings of Love Spread The Love Tour

(I am not a writer; I just want to share my experiences. And, yes I commit mistakes.)

I woke up really early that Sunday. Hoping that I would be lucky enough to have that ticket for the OTWOL Spread The Love Tour. I arrived at Market, Market around 7AM and waited for the opening of the mall. I talked to random people on the line and they said that at the Main Entrance, people started to arrive around 5AM (how was that? I thought). So I went to the Main Entrance just to see the long line. Then, I went back to the entrance near the Starbucks Coffee. Some of the people who were also waiting came from nearby provinces like me.

Finally, the mall opened at 10AM and we went inside running (just like the contestants on the Amazing Race) while looking for the ABS-CBN Store Booth near the Activity Center. Unfortunately, the line was very long (very long). I still went to the end of the line, earnestly hoping that I could still have a ticket to the event. Then around 1PM, one of the event marshal announced that all tickets were sold out and that we should start looking for a place outside the event center (fence) if we want to watch the show. And in just a snap, we ran inside (like in the Amazing Race, again) to the activity center of the mall. We even went to the second level and found a place. But then it was quite far from the stage. So we decided to go at the ground level and try our luck.

The stage at around 12NN.

We went down and walked around the fence and found a small spot. I waited in the spot at the first level for one hour. The event will start at 4PM. After an hour of standing, I got tired went to a coffee shop. My two good friends were there and we had snacks. Then when it was around 3PM, we went through the crowd again and looked for a place where we could see the stage.

The natural and talkative me with the ultimate spoiler.

Here’s a little relaxed talkative me.

Lance, the runner, shopper and spoiler (thank you very much)

Views from the second level (Top: with spoiler Jeff)

The gang while waiting for the clock to strike 3.

Our spot at the first level

I saw some people using chairs (monobloc) so that they could see the stage as the crowd in the event was really big. I asked one of my spoilers that I also wanted to have one. So he went to the store and bought one. We may not have any items from the ABS-CBN booth but we do have a monobloc (yes, I am not a tall person that is why it was very difficult for me to see the stage and I am also shy to my spoilers if I would, again, ask them to lift me so I could see the stage). Thank you mighty monobloc, without you I'm sure we will go home early. You're the saviour of my spoilers from lifting me and also my height extension for that event. 

The mighty monobloc ^_^

Me (standing on the “precious” monobloc) with my two spoilers 
(thank you so much guys)

The show finally started. Tolayts, Axel, Kiko and Cullen performed first. The energy level was high. I must say they all looked good and could sing really well. After all, three of them Tolayts (Nico Antonio), Axel (Benjie  Manalo) and Kiko (Rafael Sudayan) are singers. Cullen (Jason Francisco) is a performer that is why I think he could blend well with the three. It was a really nice opening number as you could feel the audience screaming (yes, I am one of them) and singing with them. Then a man on a red shirt shouted at me and asked me to be quiet. He had a big body built so I just shut up (I was just thinking “If he doesn’t want to hear people screaming then this might not be the appropriate place for him/them, right? You cannot expect people to just smile or nod or cry or not have any emotions at all on events like this one right?”) That person really knows the meaning of the phrase, “beast mode” so people the around him stayed quiet for a while. After that performance he left the crowd. Then I said it (my thoughts) quite loud to my friends and when the people near us just laughed at what I said. Then, Gabby (Nhikzy Calma) gave a dance number and Tolayts and Tiffany (Bianca Manalo) had a song and dance number.

Tolayts and Tiffany after their song and dance number

The next to perform was Jigs (played by Albie Casiño) he looked nice and I think he was on his character while singing. Anyway, I think he was an effective actor as you could see, hear and read everywhere about people hating his character on the series. That, I think is a sign that he could play his role really well. Leah (Nadine Lustre) performed next and she looked good and sexy on her outfit. Clark (James Reid) gave a song number during the show. He really looked good hot on that simple outfit. The crowd went wild during their performance.

Jigs (Albie Casiño) singing

Leah on the stage (and my back ^_^)

Clark after his performance

In between those performance, other cast like Tita Jack (Cherry Pie Picache), Lola Pachang (Nanette Inventor), Jordan (Andrei Garcia) and Jenny (Laiza Comia), Kapitana (Geraldine Villamil) and Mama Lu (Joel  Saracho) went on the stage to give a message to all the fans. They thanked everyone for their support to the show and wished that people would continue to watch it. Of course, we will watch the show. They even gave hints as they said that more things and events will happen since the show is extended until February 2016 (Yes, February 2016). I think that the support of the people and the energy of the crowd on that event were signs of the audience appreciation of the show, right? I won’t go to this event if I do not like the show that much. I want to thank all the cast, staff and crew of this show. (I think I will have a separate post for this)

I thought that was it. But then just like the show, there were many surprises. One was when Clark and Leah sang “Say You’ll Never Go”, and then Rico (Juan Miguel Severo) went to the stage and performed the poem “Sampung Bagay na Natutunan ko sa mga Umiibig”. I was really shocked and wanted to jump but then I remembered that I am just standing on a chair. So I just screamed. I really like the performance of Juan Miguel Severo, as you could feel the all the emotions of every line in the piece. The next one was when, again, Clark and Leah sang the official sound track “On the Wings of Love” and then Rico, again, performed one of my favorite piece “Mga Basang Unan”. I am extremely happy for that. I was not able to attend and watch his two shows/performances in UPLB as I learned the schedule of the shows really late,so just try to imagine my reaction when he was at the event. Another surprise was the reward Clark got when he won the mini game against Jigs. Yes, it was a kiss from Leah. And I would like to call it “head turner kiss” (I’ll leave this one on your imagination) I really screamed and clapped (at the same time) on that part. Then, there was also a question and answer part by Director Jojo Saguin and Director Antoinette Jadaone. I was excited and happy to see these two. Director Jojo Saguin directed the show “My App Boyfie” (JaDine’s “Wansapanatym” Series) and Director Antoinette Jadaone directed the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana”. To close the event, they gave a cake to Nadine for her birthday and then James gave her a gift. Yes, another kiss. It was an ordinary kiss on the cheek but… the crowd (yes I am one of them) still went wild.The whole cast finally thanked everyone for coming to the event. And I would like to thank them for having an event like this one. The activity center of Market Market was full of people. It was my first time to see (and be in) a crowded place like that.

A mini game where Clark and Jigs had a dance showdown and you know who won.

Directors Jadaone and Saguin answering questions from the audience.

No other way to end the show (i love this shot very much)

Part of the crowd inside the Market Market

Then, we went around Serendra and the Bonifacio High Street. The place and the atmosphere are really different. Yes, it is a beautiful place. But pardon me for saying that I feel that the life in the area seems fast and also expensive. Maybe I am used to the life in Laguna, after all I have been in the province for less than three decades. We had snacks, again, in Mary Grace. It was my friends’ favorite restaurant, I guess.

That’s us strolling around BGC.

The mandatory pose (first time visitor)

After that, we went home. While walking to the bus station, I thanked my two spoiler friends. I also hope they enjoyed the event as much as I do. They seemed tired and I could only offer them water as I am not yet rich. Once inside the bus and paid our fare, we slept and when we woke up we’re at SM Calamba. Yes, we are tired, who will not be.

Just like what the girl in front of the line told me, “This was the first time I get addicted and attached on a TV series like this, to the point that I even went to their mall show”. Guilty as charged and I am proud to say that it is the only show that got my attention. I still do not know why and I also do not know until when I will be an OTWOLista. But what I know for a fact is that, this is my FIRST TIME to do these things. And remember some sayings on FIRST, like Nicholas Sparks’, “There's no love like the first”?

* Photo credit : Lance (thank you very much) It was difficult to get pictures from our location as there are many people. I'd like to thank Lance for taking all the pictures in this entry. Once I am a billionaire, I will give you a high-end camera ^_^